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London UK ✓ Pregnant ✓ ... I'm Charlotte 25yrs young currently loving life. Taken by my an amazing guy Rovi who I love dearly, & we are waiting to meet our little boy Hayden Pascal 30 March 2012. Blogging about our journey & beyond! ツ Also check out www.bericebaby.blogspot.com Lottexoxo™

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Benefits of a Professional Inspection before Any Property Purchase

Benefits of a Professional Inspection before Any Property Purchase

There are many benefits to employing a professional to undertake a pest inspection on a property you intend to purchase. Not only can an inspection identify problems, it can work in your favour prior to the negotiation process. I recently watched a program on BBC 1 called ‘Don’t Get Done Get Dom’It was about a man who hired a surveyor to check over the property before it was brought, long story…

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Lovely Gift Idea’s For Grandparents

Lovely Gift Idea’s For Grandparents

Let’s face it; grandparents are heroes. Their birthdays (or any other special occasions) are the perfect opportunity for us to show them just how much we appreciate everything they do for the whole troop.
Getting them a gift that they’ll actually really like can be quite difficult as they’ll no doubt tell us they love whatever we come up with, which is great for the ego but no so great for showing…

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Britain’s Got Talent: They Should Have Won #BGT

My love for Reality TV is at it peak now TOWIE has just finished, Ive just started on season 5 of Real Housewives of New Jersey  (Already 7 episodes in - that Teresa my goodness) and not to mention the return of Made In Chealsea.

Skinny Jeans, your LBD… Items of clothing you should never let go of

Skinny Jeans, your LBD… Items of clothing you should never let go of

Versatile, classic, top quality and generally black. There are some items of clothing that you should never let go of. No matter what your style or circumstance, a wardrobe lacking any of these items is just not worth having. They should be the basis of any modern girl’s everyday wardrobe. You’ve heard of the LBD but we’ve compiled a list so you can make sure your wardrobe compares.

Skinny Jeans

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Introducing The Brit Pack: A New Voice for British Made Children’s Brands - Win a Stylish Tytherington or Langford Baker Boy Cap From Tweedies Originals Worth £49 RRP

Introducing The Brit Pack: A New Voice for British Made Children’s Brands – Win a Stylish Tytherington or Langford Baker Boy Cap From Tweedies Originals Worth £49 RRP

If you haven’t already read about The Brit Pack let me tell you more… It’s a collaboration formed of brands that design and manufacture quality goods here in the UK, specifically within the children’s arena. The collaboration is the inspiration of Grubbies – the ‘dungaree evangelists’ – made Great in Britain!


The premise for the initiative is to help support and build recognition for brands that…

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How to Deal with a Family Member who Hoards

How to Deal with a Family Member who Hoards

Hoarding is a serious mental health disorder that has devastating effects for sufferers and their loved ones. An inability to dispose of possessions, coupled with a fervour for acquiring new items, often leads hoarders to live beyond their financial means and in filthy and unsafe conditions. Family and friends experience confusion, anger, disbelief, pain and helplessness as the disorder takes…

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Can You Really Avoid Wrinkles?

Can You Really Avoid Wrinkles?

Birth, death and taxes. These are the hard truths of life, those which are deemed unavoidable. However, does the ill-fated face full of wrinkles escape the same inevitability? It would seem not. Wrinkles are a sign of age. There are, however, ways to prevent how severely wrinkles appear, and to reduce their impact once they do surface.

Causes of wrinkles
Wrinkles come with ageing skin, however can…

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What Hayden Wore - Mon Marcel, Next and Zara

What Hayden Wore – Mon Marcel, Next and Zara

Its been a rotten week this week.
The whole house was sick including little man – He actually caught it first. Not sure where from but he then gave it to both myself and Rovi hence the reason I’ve been MIA on social media – But will be back in full swing this week coming.

ITS SUNDAY!!! Which can only mean one thing – Sunday dinner woohoo!
Just kidding it’s the Street Style Sunday link up hosted by…

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Skiing For My Birthday Or A Chalet In Austria?

Skiing For My Birthday Or A Chalet In Austria

Have you ever wanted to do something our of the ‘ordinary’? I’m always thinking outside the box but the problem is, is that I never follow though. What to do for my birthday? The norm… Home with the family? Cinema? Dinner?
My someone put an idea in my head – skiing, which got me thinking. But guys… could I really afford a short break for a skiing trip, a chalet in Austria maybe? It would have to…

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My Mother’s Day - Being a Mother

My Mother’s Day – Being a Mother

So this was my 3rd mothers day… 2nd official mothers day and it was lovely.
I got to lay in, had a big breakfast and actually took the day really slow and did nothing. We planned to go somewhere spontaneously but because we had such a chilled day we ended up leaving the house pretty late so we ended up going local.
I posted a photo on IG on a quote I found on pinterest and added it to one of my…

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We’re Toys R Us Toyologist

We’re Toys R Us Toyologist

***Stop Press**
Word on the street is that we’re officially Toyologist for the Toys “R” Us is Britain’s and the World’s leading Family Leisure, Baby Care and Toy Megastore with stores in the UK and over 1500 stores worldwide in 33 countries.

We are so excited. We’ll be reviewing toys from the company and it will be published on their website & blog along with any photos or videos we take – So…

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How To Make The Perfect Ham and Egg Omelette

How To Make The Perfect Ham and Egg Omelette

I have only just learnt how to make a ham and egg omelette. I know sounds nuts right, but just like Hayden I was/am still allergic to eggs from a child. Going to all of Hayden appointments I have learnt so much about allergies and how to try and overcome them. Me being an adult, aware of what I eat and how it makes me feel I am a lot more open to trying new things. Eggs included. You’d be…

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Season 2 Volume 1 Review

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Season 2 Volume 1 Review

When I got the email to say Leo, Donnie, Raph & Mikey were back I thought it was an early April fools trick.
But it wasn’t a joke, the dudes are back guys! and they are on DVD!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutagen Mayhem on DVD

If you were anything like me when you were younger you would have also loved the turtle boys and the crime fighting antics. Oh and reporter April, Mentor Splinter and baddie Shredder of course.

Paramount Home Media…

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Buy A Stars For The Perfect Birthday Gift

Buy A Stars For The Perfect Birthday Gift

I always struggle to find anyone a birthday gift. Is anyone else like that? Not to mention leaving any gift buying to the last min oops. But I’ve never thought to get someone a non physical gift.
Like buy a star, like an actual star in the sky.

full-package-starlet_2 (1)

Buy a Star can give you the opportunity to give someone a star as a gift and not just for their birthday.
Gift ideas range from Valentines, Wedding,…

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The Perfect Photo Block Frames - I love Ta Dah Review

The Perfect Photo Block Frames – I love Ta Dah Review


We were given the awesome opportunity to review a Photo Block Frame from a company called I Love Ta Dah. I had never heard of a photo block frame before the day they contacted me but I’m so glad I’ve had the pleasure to receive one.

Photo Block Frame first impression
- Love the delivery presentation & packaging (Yes the sweets were included)
- Brilliant idea for a fresh clean looking photo frame

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